Intuitive Reading, psychic medium

Intuitive Readings

Consciousness Coaching

Intuitive Readings

When you would like clarity or reassurance,  intuitive readings provide a loving space to see your circumstances from a broader perspective and realize your potentials. 

Intuitive Reading, psychic medium


Consciousness Coaching

Intuitive Readings

Connecting with loved ones in non-physical is the most powerful way of relieving grief. 

There are many misconceptions about transitions from our physical body. Contrary to popular belief our loved ones are not lost and nothing has gone wrong, regardless the age of your loved one or circumstances of their transition. 

Consciousness Coaching,Intuitive Reading, psychic medium

Consciousness Coaching

Consciousness Coaching

Consciousness Coaching

At this time many are in the process of an  awakening. While eventually the outcome fills us with love and peace. It's not a linear path and the process is uncomfortable as it shows us the things we hold on to that no longer serve us. Consciousness coaching is a process of identifying and letting go of these things and is done in combination with intuitive readings and coaching.


Appointments are done over the phone. Both Skype or FaceTime can be accommodated.

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"Gifts From Garrett"

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A Story of Love and Awakening

Gifts from Garrett is Dana's personal experience of the unexpected passing of her beloved 19-year-old son, Garrett.

"Wanted to thank you for your book. I'm at “Its Only Change.” I'm so glad you felt the need to write it. Speaking with you and reading your book has had the power to help heal even a beat-up cynical loggers heart. Thank your son for me as well." — Dan


Appointments are done over the phone. Both Skype or FaceTime can be accommodated.

 Email Dana with days and times that work well for you.

About Dana

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Dana Smith — Author, Intuitive, Medium, Consciousness Coach

When we receive information from a broader perspective our experiences make more sense and we feel empowered. Dana uses her abilities to share loving information for her client's highest good.

She has a strong desire to be of service and she ahas a special affection for those   who feel grief and loss. She offers a safe, compassionate environment to connect. Her work brings deep meaning and great joy to her life and the lives of her clients. 

Dana works with many clients of all ages and walks of life. She's been a radio show host and guest on several on-line and broadcast radio shows. Along with readings she provides live and webinar workshops.

Client Experiences

"Dana's gentle approach and genuine interest in making the connection I was searching for made a beautiful experience for me. I loved going through the process of connecting to whom I was searching for. I was given through Dana memories of special times I had shared with my loved one. I was able to ask questions and Dana clearly responded with detailed answers that only my loved one and I would have known. The special birthday party and even the red ribbons placed in my hair. I got goose bumps each time Dana relayed messages. After our session together and now weeks later, I feel their joyful and loving presence with me." — Abby

"Dana is an amazing Spirit and a blessing to have in my life. Her open-hearted nature and heartfelt compassionate guidance is so comforting and pure. There is never a feeling of judgement in Dana's work and your best interest always comes first.

Dana's light is a beacon and I am so happy she openly shines and shares it. Thank you Dana!!!!" — Stacie Codino

"I'm so thankful to Dana for "re-connecting" me with my loved ones. After my time with her, warm feelings of peace and security replaced the mourning and emptiness that has been with me for so long. Dana's warm personality immediately put me at ease, and she showed genuine interest in my desire for this type of communication. The messages she shared with me gave me goosebumps as well as warmed my heart as they were so relevant to my situation. Her high level of integrity is apparent from start to finish, and I look forward to future sessions with her." — P.T. Portland, OR

"The reading has put me at ease. It validated what I barely dared hope to be true. I am profoundly affected by my reading. I feel as if I am shedding fear and anxiety. I feel at once more free and secure - like I can jump and not worry about a net. I feel lighter, more curious, more happy-to-lucky.

The rest of the day after the reading I felt at ease, that all is well. I was aware of Mom playing about with me from time to time. The connections with Mom during and afterwards makes me feel safe and free. At times I felt the strong presence of my Mom. I felt like Mom was puffing the words through Dana, like blowing them through a straw. Dana is a precious conduit, curious and gentle She stays out of the way and allows a free flow of connection.

I appreciate Dana's expert coaching and her gift of easy connection." Love, Nina

"I came to see Dana for some intuitive advice on my new business and left with so much more than that. Dana proved to be very gifted in channeling my guides and angels. During my session, she was able to confirm many of my own hunches, as well as provide valuable insight surrounding not only the evolution and needs of my business, but also my life's purpose and my family...all in a loving compassionate manner. Thank you so much, Dana! As a result of your consultation, I have a solid and fearless sense of direction." — Patti

"Dana and I have been friends for several years and I have always been aware of her special gifts of connection. Her reading provided an amazing and wonderful gift of peace for me regarding my parents! They are elderly and my father has been ill for many years. They have lived in our family home, a 100-year-old farmhouse on an acre of ground, for over 60 years. 

 Since my father’s recent hospital stay, I have been constantly worrying about their safety and their ability to remain in their home, which is an extremely high priority to them.  Dana connected with my maternal grandparents, who were a strong guiding force during my childhood and adolescence. I could feel their kind and loving presence through Dana and they assured me they have my back here. I know now that they are always with my parents watching over them and keeping them safe.  

We have never spoken about my grandparents and Dana wouldn’t have known how appropriate that message is to me.  While my grandparents were living, especially later in their lives, my parents were dedicated to helping them.  After my Grandmother passed they continued to support my grandfather for another 22 years so that he was able to remain at the family farm until he passed away at the age of 92. 

Dana’s reading allowed me to better balance my life. While I continue to help my parents and support their needs, I’m no longer paralyzed with the worry that something will happen when I’m not there.  Thanks to Dana, I’m once again able to participate in all phases of my life!"   

In loving gratitude, 


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